Old Testament Heroes

Old Testament Heroes

GCA 041 October 19, 2017 | 7:30 PM Season: 11 Griffin First United Methodist Church


Fire sent from heaven to consume an altar, a ship carrying two of every creature on earth, ordinary people called to extraordinary tasks… the Old Testament is filled with colorful characters and vivid imagery.  Mendelssohn’s oratorio Elijah tells the story of the rugged prophet who taunted the priests of Baal.  Spirituals bring to life the tumbling walls of Jericho and other Old Testament stories.  Join us for an evening of music illuminating these ancient times and people.

  1. Elijah Rock (Hairston, Jester)
  2. Little David, Play on Your Harp (Durham, Jennifer)
  3. Who Built the Ark? (Hogan, Moses)
  4. Lord is My Shepherd, The - Requiem (Rutter, John)
  5. Battle of Jericho, The (Hogan, Moses)
  6. Song of Ruth (Childs, David N.)
  7. Elijah (Selected Movements) (Mendelssohn, Felix)
  8. Bound for the Promised Land (Wilberg, Mack)