Inspired By Africa

Inspired By Africa

GCA 024 May 2, 2013 | 7:30 PM Season: 6 Gordon State College Fine Arts Auditorium


Tonight’s program title could easily be “Inspired by Africa – Yet Again.” Although this concert is the first in the six-year history of Griffin Choral Arts to focus virtually exclusively on music either of African origin or inspired by those cultures, no fewer than two other GCA concerts (March 2009 and May 2012) have included pieces either from or about Africa.

Of special interest in this regard is the featured work of the program–Missa Kenya, by Paul Basler–and we are greatly honored to have the composer with us tonight, including in the role of horn soloist in this and another of his compositions.

  1. African Processional (Montoya, D. V.)
  2. Horizons (Van Dijk, Peter Louis)
  3. Kyrie - Missa Kenya (Basler, Paul)
  4. Gloria - Missa Kenya (Basler, Paul)
  5. Credo - Missa Kenya (Basler, Paul)
  6. Sanctus - Missa Kenya (Basler, Paul)
  7. Agnus Dei - Missa Kenya (Basler, Paul)
  8. Alleluia - Songs of Faith (Basler, Paul)
  9. Haleluya! Pelo Tsa Rona (Traditional, South Africa)
  10. N’kosi Silelei i Afrika (Prayer for Africa) (Sontonga, E. M. (arr. Snyder))