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To Thee, My Country

To Thee, My Country

GCA 028 May 1, 2014 | 7.30 PM Season: 7 First Baptist Church of Griffin


Composers often show love for their homelands in their music by using texts that describe the natural features of the land or by incorporating folk melodies, rhythms, or other musical effects. This concert features works that demonstrate such musical love for country.  The Russian chamber choir LYRA  will be our special guests!

  1. The Ground (Gjeilo, Ola)
  2. Dark Night of the Soul (Gjeilo, Ola)
  3. Morena bonita (Beautiful Brunette) - Suite Nordestina (Miranda, Ronaldo)
  4. Dende trapia (The Coconut) - Suite Nordestina (Miranda, Ronaldo)
  5. Bumba chora Cry, Bumba) - Suite Nordestina (Miranda, Ronaldo)
  6. Eu vou, eu, vou (I’ll go, I’ll go) - Suite Nordestina (Miranda, Ronaldo)
  7. Baba Yetu (Tin, Christopher)
  8. Homeland (Stroope, Z. Randall)