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Board of Directors

The GCA Board of Directors meets regularly to oversee GCA operations and fundraising.  For more information, see our by-laws (PDF).

The current Board of Directors includes:

Kay Wideman, President
Helen Grayson, Vice-President
Janie H. Clark, Treasurer
Elaine Bolton, Secretary
Lou Baldwin
Bill Bryant
LuBowen Cloud
Mary Flynn
Betsy Harris
Margie King
Katrina Lazenby
Stephen J. Mulder (at large)
Lin Thompson
Toni Turner
Lee Whitley

Past Presidents:

Elaine Bolton (2007-2010)
Jean Dukes (2010-2012)
Cherry Searcy (2012-2014)
Alice Blake (2014-2015)

Past Board Members:

Elaine Bolton, Founding President (2007-2013)
Jan Whalen, Co-Founder (2007-2013)
LuBowen Cloud, Founding Treasurer (2007-2013)

Robin Bohn, Secretary (2007-2008)
Leigh Hancher (2007-2008)
Bradley Kirkland (2007-2009)
Marty Watts (2007-2009)
Alan and Lynda White (2007-2009)
Ellen Granum (2011-2012)
Todd and Elizabeth Benz (2011-2012)
Edward Brewton (2010-2013)
Gay Fortson (2010-2013)
Cherry Searcy (2008-2014)
Bill Pasch (2008-2014)
Charles Dukes (2008-2014)
Jean Dukes (2008-2014)
Alice Blake (2009-2015)
Jan Sharp (2010-2015)
Wayne English (2013-2015)
Linda Westbury (2015-2016)