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The men of Griffin Choral Arts will wear black tuxedos.  If you do not own a black tux, if you need to replace parts, or if your tux style is not compatible with the chosen style, the following menu of items is available from Southeastern Performance Apparel:

Notch lapel tux jacket (B 721) $55.00


Winged collar tux shirt (G 703) $12.00


Adjustable, pleated tux pants (E 305) $24.00


Black bowtie (U100) $2.00

Black cummerbund (V 100) $6.00

Extra black studs (A 004) $.50 (tux shirts come with studs)

You can order a complete set for $92.00 (and save $7.00).

We will place an order in mid-September.  Take inventory, see if things still fit, and decide if your tux matches our uniform.  Then let us know what you need to order.  (If you only need black studs, do not fret.  We will have a supply on hand!



The women of Griffin Choral Arts wear a formal dress from Southeastern Performance Apparel called the “Lieder” dress.  The dress is $60.  The ladies also wear matching pearl necklaces and earrings provided by Griffin Choral Arts.


We strive to measure and order attire at the first rehearsal of the season.  If you need to order a dress, please contact Millie Beverly.