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Griffin Choral Arts Children’s Chorus

Formed in the summer of 2016, the Griffin Choral Arts Children’s Chorus began rehearsals in August with thirty young singers meeting weekly on Monday afternoons. The chorus learned about producing a healthy vocal sound in singing, experienced fine literature for children’s voices, and gained experience with music theory and reading music.  Rehearsals were energized and active with lots of movement and physical engagement.  Beginning with unison melodies and rounds, the singers became confident as they became proficient.

This season opens August 21, 2017 with rehearsals at Griffin First United Methodist Church from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. We have more performing opportunities and activities during the season, and a trip to sing and play at St. Simon’s Island in May.

Mission Statement:

To train children in the choral arts, provide them with exposure to excellent repertoire, present concert performances that demonstrate their accomplishments and motivation, leading them to a lifetime enjoyment of choral singing.


Open auditions will be held July 31 and August 1, 2017, from 5:00 to 6:30 pm at Griffin FUMC. If you wish to schedule an appointment for an audition, please call 770-731-0426 and ask for Tracy.  Auditions consist of rhythm exercises, imitating melodic phrases and simple vocal exercise to determine vocal range.  Auditionees will be asked to sing a song of their choice that they know.

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“Choral arts”

  • Foundations of good singing- posture, breathing and support, head tone placement, forward resonance
  • Music theory and reading- solfege, rhythms, notation, form
  • Expression- dynamics, phrasing, facial and body emotiveness
  • Choral rehearsal behavior- attentiveness, proper questioning, pencil markings, warm-up routine, riser etiquette, responding to conducting gestures

“Excellent repertoire”

  • Choral music well-written specifically for children’s voices
  • Folk songs, classical style periods, world cultures
  • Commissioning of new works for children’s voices

“Concert performances”

  • Independent concerts and appearances in adult GCA season programs
  • Special events in the community that will increase awareness for children’s choirs
  • Touring and performances in conference settings

“Lifetime enjoyment”

  • Encourage participation in middle school and high school choral programs, church choirs, honor choirs and all-state choirs
  • Prepare for future participation in the adult GCA choir, or other community, collegiate, or professional choirs


Dr. Stephen J. Mulder, Griffin Choral Arts Artistic Director

Mrs. Tracy Threlkeld, Children’s Chorus Director

Mrs. Deborah Beasley, Children’s Chorus Accompanist